воскресенье, 30 мая 2010 г.

STE 0.4.0 is out

The newest release STE 0.4.0 is out. As usual, there are major new features and extensions to the older ones.

Number Conversion allows to convert a number between Hex, Dec and Binary notations, as well as easily work with separate bits (especially nice for hardware designers and programmers).

Character Map allows to list Unicode or Ascii symbols, and see their codes in Dec and Hex, as well as in HTML notation.

Auto commenting feature allows to quickly set/unset source code comments according to the current file type, by selecting the text and pressing Ctrl+/ afterwards. STE tries to recognize between single- and multiline comments, and to detect what kind of comment to apply for the current selection.

Auto Tagger is a new powerful feature designed to speed-up some common operations like input of XML and DSL tags and "wrapping" currently selected text with prefixes and suffixes very easily. Just select a text to wrap, press Ctrl+Enter and put into popup dialog the desired text to wrap the selection with.

Also, for dictionary creators, XDXF preview is now available.

четверг, 6 мая 2010 г.

Sintegrial Text Editor 0.3.0 - what is next?

So far STE 0.3.0 has been issued, bringing some unique features like support of DSL language and quick preview of the dictionary content. It got new, modern look. Also, now it is possible to make own Assembler language subsets by just creating simple text files and putting them into appropriate directory (z80.lex stays as an example in files/lexers folder).

STE's search engine, being seriously redesigned, now can be considered as one of the fastest while operating on quite large files (>20 mb). We did some comparison between STE and other similar editors, and were really amazed that the most of them simply either can't handle search in files larger than 2-3 mb or are doing this very, very, killing slow (for instanse, search of a phrase through the same 40 mb text file took ca. 20 sec with STE; Notepad++ finished the same search in more than 2.5 minutes; Visual Studio 2005 also wasted several minutes on it; less advanced editors just died silently...)

Now we're working on the next release, and are going to add lots of useful stuff like smart comments, tag substitution, wrapping of the selected text. We will do speedup work as well, and will improve File Explorer which is not very good to use for now. Character Map is also included into the schedule. As usual, we will introduce more new syntax highlighters and autocompletion APIs. Last but not least, some binary/number operations are planned (which are especially wanted things for low-level programmers and geeks).

Oh, now STE speaks Czech and Russian :)

четверг, 15 апреля 2010 г.

STE at Google Code

Google Code page for STE: http://ste-editor.googlecode.com

Domain Issues

Ok, as there are some issues caused by fire in the datacenter, STE is temporarily available at http://sintegrial.com.x10.bz/ste

Sorry for inconvience, that's only temporary.